Limited Release Coffee. Buzz-worthy Decaf.

From the country of origin down to the individual farm, every coffee has a story to tell – and it is told in the cup. We seek out unique offerings that present a rich history, all while taking us on an unexpected journey to explore the atypical tastes and aromas of coffee from around the globe.

At Dose, we present a unique coffee from each major growing region. Our roster is always changing – join us as we are continually finding our new favorite bean.

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Classic Decaf

Brazil Mongiana

Praline, chocolate and hints of grape and citrus.

Fruity Decaf

Honduras COSMA

Black cherry, cocoa and a touch of cinnamon.

Adventurous Decaf

Sumatra Mandheling

Dark fruit, cinnamon and a hint of smokey herbs.

Limited Release

Mexico San Mateo Yoloxochitlán

Stone fruit, rich chocolate and unexpected umami.

Decaf Before Death

Need the flavor without the pounding heart? Check out our latest decafineated offering to bring the funk without the junk.

Adventurous Decaf: Sumatra Mandheling