Limited Release Coffee. Buzz-worthy Decaf.

From the country of origin down to the individual farm, every coffee has a story to tell – and it is told in the cup. We seek out unique offerings that present a rich history, all while taking us on an unexpected journey to explore the atypical tastes and aromas of coffee from around the globe.

At Dose, we present a unique coffee from each major growing region. Our roster is always changing – join us as we are continually finding our new favorite bean.

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Limited Release

Papua New Guinea: Arokara

Dark chocolate, stone fruit, with a hint of spice.

Micro Lot

Costa Rica Cattleya Anaerobic

Plum, maple with cinnamon and tobacco aromas.


Uganda: Mt Elgon A

Green grape, chocolate with hints of almond and clove.


El Salvador: Finca La Esperanza

Buttery dates, green apple, with a wisp of cinnamon.

Indonesia & Asia

India: Mysore Nugget

Nutmeg, ginger, honey with a touch of cacao nib.


Costa Rica: La Magnolia

Citrus and chocolate with a maple sweetness.

Decaf Before Death

Need the flavor without the pounding heart? Check out our latest decafineated offering to bring the funk without the junk.

La Magnolia from Costa Rica