What are your coffee offerings?

Our goal is to seek out distinctive coffee that you cannot find our your local grocer – be it beans processed in an extraordinary way, an exotic origin, or aromas and tastes that are not typical of the region. To achieve this, we offer only two coffees at any time; one regular, and one decaf.

Can I have my coffee ground?

Whether our coffee or your local roaster, you'll only experience the full flavor if you grind fresh before brewing. For that reason, Dose Coffee is sold as whole bean. Don't have a grinder? Look for a conical burr grinder at your local kitchenware store, or reach out for recommendations.

When will my order ship?

As a micro roaster, we roast our coffee twice per week, dependent on the order queue. Your fresh roasted coffee will ship out within four days of order, typically sooner. Transit times will vary by the method selected during checkout.

Why no overnight shipping?

Why pay more for shipping than the cost of the coffee? And, while you may want to brew up a carafe right out of the roaster, exceptional coffee needs to rest for at least 24-hours to mellow out. Otherwise, you're tasting the inside of the roasting drum, not the bean.

One burlap bag at a time?

Yes! Working with a single bag at a time has two benefits: First, we can source amazing coffee, even if it is in limited supply, as there is no expectation for longevity. Second, it keeps our offerings in constant rotation so we may explore far more of the world of coffee.

What about caffeine?

One of our two coffee offerings will always be decaffeinated. While we enjoy the morning kick-in-the-pants, we drink coffee for the flavor. We believe those seeking decaf options should not be an after-thought. We take the same care in selecting our decaf offering as we do our caffeinated.

Do you offer Organic coffee?

Coffee that is organically sourced will be identified in the description. However, as we do not currently maintain a dedicated roaster for only organic beans, the final product is not certified.