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Your dose – delivered.

Explore the world of coffee with recurring deliveries of our latest expressions.

Choose your coffee preferences and delivery intervals – keeping stock of your daily dose.

How it works

Select your coffee preference:

Whole World: Explore coffee from every part of the world, experiencing new regional flavors as they become available.

West: Focus on coffee from the western world, primarily Central and South America. These coffees tend to be bright and lively with citrus and nutty aromas. Current offerings: Honduras COSMA Marcala, Costa Rica Naranjo.

East: Focus on coffee from the eastern world, primarily Africa and Indonesia. These coffees tend to be winey with berry and earthy aromas. Current offerings: Ethiopia Guji Shakiso, India Mysore Nugget.

Decaf Only: Stick to the bold flavors of our decaf offerings. Current offerings: Peru Lima Cajamarca.

Select your decaf option:

Include Decaf: Have a bag of decaf thrown in the mix, albeit at a lower frequency to our regular offerings.

No Decaf: High-test only. We get it.

Set your quantity:

Choose how many bags you'd like each delivery. Quantities more than one will get you a selection based on your preferences.

Choose your delivery frequency:

Every week, every two weeks, or every month – the choice is yours! We'll send out a new order at the interval you choose.

A note about shipping: Shipping sucks. To reduce its impact, we suggest ordering more bags at longer intervals. For example, opt for two bags every two weeks instead of one bag every week.

You can edit or cancel your subscription at any time.

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Customer Reviews

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If you are looking to try new blends of fresh coffee without the guess work - Explore Coffee Club...

Dose Explore Coffee Club allows you to try the newest coffee beans on the "roast master"'s docket and explore different coffee regions around the world. Whether you prefer a certain region or decaf, there are as many options as you need to customize this Coffee Club to your taste and interests. I would highly recommend this to anyone is interested in exploring the coffee around the world at a reasonable price. Thanks Dose!

Love Dose

Excellent product and customer service. I had to set up a subscription to make sure I get my Dose every morning.

Adam H
Delicious... When I ran out, I immediately wanted more

Stop buying your coffee at grocery stores.... Dose will change your morning ;)