Ethiopia: Guji Shakiso

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No. 09

Join us where coffee originated – Ethiopia. The Guji Shakiso offering is a delightful representation of where it all began.

This natural process offering is an absolute fruit bomb – blueberry, pineapple, banana, even peach. We want to develop the flavors while maintaining the sweet characteristics of the process – a medium roast gets us what we are looking for.

The Ethiopia reminds us of breakfast as a child, only better. Because, coffee.

An exceptionally sweet brew in both Chemex and Kalita Wave. Brace yourself as a shot of espresso – it's a bit punchy, but worth it for the syrupy maceration of summertime fruit.

Sold as whole bean. Find out more in our FAQs.

Elevation: 1800 to 2000 meters

Milling Process: Natural

Drying Process: Raised beds